Superlost Coffee Roasters is the vision of co-founders Craig Deahl and David Roa. 

We believe in sourcing true single origin coffees sustainably and ethically. The truth behind the coffee industry is the vast majority of coffee is grown in third-world countries and most coffee companies have no involvement in the growing process. We want to change that and solidify an intimate connection with the farms we buy from and take an active role in each step of the growing and harvesting process. 

You'll notice that each Superlost Coffee batch has a different name and artwork. We partner with aspiring and influential artists who create bag art based on how they interpret the name and taste of the roast. We give each artist complete creative freedom to design whatever they want.

Part of the proceeds from the sales of each batch will be given to charities in the farming regions we work with and to the artist responsible. Each batch has its own unique roasting profile with each bag featuring a limited edition print and numbered accordingly. Once a batch is sold out the bag art will never go into rotation again. 

We hope you love our coffee, it's full of passion and love, which we believe, makes the best cup around. Cheers!