The "Ban" on CBD in NY is Highly Exaggerated

The DOH has no jurisdiction over supermarkets so Superlost (which operated under the approvals of the DOA, who are responsible for consumer packaged foods) will continue to offer our CBD Cold Brew all over NYC supermarkets.

The “ban” applied to restaurants because as a consumer there was no real way of knowing what was being added to their food and it would change from restaurant to restaurant.

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The Best Way to Start (and End) Your Day

Many people have a time-tested ritual to start their day. Some wake up to their coffee machine already brewing a pot, some stop at a local coffee shop while on their commute, and others like to take the time to make a pour over. However, there is one common thread throughout - caffeine is a morning staple.

Now there’s a new morning trend - Superlost CBD Cold Brew.

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Spreading The Holiday Chill

As the first CBD cold brew in New York, we here at Superlost want to bring our fans a soothing start to the day resulting in harmony of mind + body. Get all the benefits of caffeine, without the jitters that are often associated with high caffeine intake. Superlost CBD Cold Brew also makes a great gift and stocking stuffer for the most loved coffee drinkers on your holiday shopping list!

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