Spreading The Holiday Chill

Superlost CBD Cold Brew.jpg

This holiday season is no less stressful than any other. All the gift buying, awkward family parties and themed get-togethers can make your head spin. However, this year there is a new trend emerging to rise above the mayhem - CBD-infused products.

As the first commercially available CBD cold brew in New York, we here at Superlost want to bring our fans a soothing start to the day resulting in harmony of mind + body. Get all the benefits of caffeine, without the jitters that are often associated with high caffeine intake. Superlost CBD Cold Brew also makes a great gift and stocking stuffer for the most loved coffee drinkers on your holiday shopping list!

Gaining popularity with a full head of steam, products containing hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) are quickly taking over the market in major cities and metropolitan areas. There are many reported beneficial properties of CBD including:

Give every coffee drinker on your holiday list the gift of the best CBD cold brew in New York, Superlost CBD Cold Brew and spread the holiday chill!


**CBD products derived strictly from Industrial hemp are legal for sale in New York State.