The Best Way to Start (and End) Your Day

Our very own David waking up the only way he knows how, with the best CBD cold brew in New York.

Our very own David waking up the only way he knows how, with the best CBD cold brew in New York.

Many people have a time-tested ritual to start their day. Some wake up to their coffee machine already brewing a pot, some stop at a local coffee shop while on their commute, and others like to take the time to make a pour over. However, there is one common thread throughout - caffeine is a morning staple.

With all the effects we’ve grown to love from our coffee, there are also negative ones, too. Some of them include the caffeine jitters, increased heart rate, lightheadedness and increased anxiety - certain effects actually pushing both former and prospective coffee drinkers to find high energy alternatives.

We here at Superlost feel your pain. We want every morning to be inspired, allowing you to wake up feeling fully focused so that you can perform at your best. Brewed in Brooklyn,  Superlost CBD Cold Brew brings you refreshing wakefulness of the mind and soothing calmness to the body. Experience harmony of mind + body and be amazed at what you can accomplish when you are properly energized, without all the negative effects associated with caffeine.

Superlost sources their cannabidiol (CBD) tincture from 100% organic, Colorado sun-grown industrial hemp and blends it with the best, fresh-roasted single origin cold brew coffee in New York. The powerful, yet gentle effects of CBD on the body compliment the wakefulness of caffeine, while combating the negative, jittery feeling. Added benefits of CBD include anti-inflammatory properties, anxiety relief as well as a remedy to minor aches and pains.

Rise above your everyday stresses and start your morning with a Superlost CBD Cold Brew, available at specialty grocery markets throughout New York, restaurants and cafe’s in Bushwick and available for free home delivery on our site!