How to Beat the Sunday Scaries

sunday scaries cure.png

You know the feeling - you wake up Sunday morning after a long night out, the late morning light stretches across your apartment with a feeling of, “Shouldn’t you be up already? Doing something productive?” The overwhelming sensation that work - dreaded work - is waiting just around the bend for you tomorrow morning. This weekend flew by. What to do with the rest of this precious day? Answer - eat a big breakfast and get Netflix on, immediately. You’re going to make the most of this gift from the weekend gods by lounging on the couch and not doing a single productive thing. The world can wait for tomorrow, you don’t have to show your face out there today if you don’t want to. But the big meal doesn’t do the job.

Soon, the feelings of dread set in. You ask yourself, “Why did I drink so much?” You knew this would happen, you knew you’d be sitting right here on your couch lamenting the fact that Mondays are an inescapable form of torture. You can’t take off because you just had the weekend, and you have 4 and a half (at least in ad tech) long days of work ahead of you, staring you in the face. What could possibly remedy this feeling of impending doom? What heaven-sent product could help you beat The Sunday Blues?

Superlost CBD Cold Brew is made to beat The Sunday Scaries. Our CBD-infused cold brew will ever so gently, stimulate your mind and body, while cradling you in its warm embrace. You’re fragile on these days, you need some TLC - let Superlost in and you won’t be disappointed.

Superlost CBD Cold Brew will effervescently lift your mood and give you the much needed push out the door to go exploring on a sunny Sunday. It’ll turn your Sunday Scaries into the best Sunday you’ve had in years. When you drink our product you’ll be productive yet relaxed, clear-headed and refreshed to perhaps make that empty canvas into your first watercolor painting in years, or explore that park you’ve been wanting to check out. Grab the other half of your weekend back and make it a Superlost Sunday.

David Roa