CBD Ban in NYC: The Real Story

New Yorkers - good news! Superlost Hemp Cold Brew remains legal and will continue to be sold throughout NYC!

With the proliferation of CBD beverages permeating New Yorkers’ everyday lives, many consumers have made it a part of their daily ritual. This wide adoption of CBD infused food and drink is in large part why the New York State Department of Health’s recent ban on CBD is causing such a stir among hemp consumers. Have no fear, your hemp products aren’t going anywhere.

If you take one thing from this article, it’s this: while food products containing CBD are being banned, hemp products will remain completely legal and will continue to be sold in all retail outlets. My aim in this post is to clear up the confusion surrounding the legality of CBD products by answering three key questions when it comes to hemp extract in food products.

What is the source of the extract?

The CBD you are consuming is from one of two sources: hemp or marijuana. There is one key difference between the two: hemp extract contains virtually no THC (the stuff that gets you high), while marijuana extract contains illegal levels of THC. This is because hemp plants are bred to contain only trace amounts of THC and marijuana is the opposite, growers want high THC content in their end product.

What exactly is STILL legal to sell and what is being banned?

Food products containing CBD will be pulled from the shelves by the Department of Health in NYC, but hemp products will remain completely legal. Hemp is considered a safe additive to food and beverages, which is why many brands are simply displaying “Hemp” on the label, rather than CBD. 

Where can you find hemp-infused food and drinks for sale?

Supermarkets, restaurants, bodegas, bars and cafes are all cleared by the Department of Health to continue selling hemp products.

So go out to your corner bodega, supermarket or cafe down the street and enjoy an ice cold hemp-infused coffee on us!