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The Best Way to Start (and End) Your Day

Many people have a time-tested ritual to start their day. Some wake up to their coffee machine already brewing a pot, some stop at a local coffee shop while on their commute, and others like to take the time to make a pour over. However, there is one common thread throughout - caffeine is a morning staple.

Now there’s a new morning trend - Superlost CBD Cold Brew.

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Spreading The Holiday Chill

As the first CBD cold brew in New York, we here at Superlost want to bring our fans a soothing start to the day resulting in harmony of mind + body. Get all the benefits of caffeine, without the jitters that are often associated with high caffeine intake. Superlost CBD Cold Brew also makes a great gift and stocking stuffer for the most loved coffee drinkers on your holiday shopping list!

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