Superlost cold brew

Nearly every cold brew on the market is made using a blend of beans (think like a Franzia wine) and even worse old coffee. 

Next time you pick up a bottle of cold brew, see if you can figure out which country your drink came from. That's why we take careful measure to only use single origin beans from Valle de Cauca, Colombia. 

The reason behind why most cold brew makers use "old coffee" aka coffee well past its good by date, is because many of the "experts" claim that the age of the bean isn't really a factor when making cold brew. At Superlost, we disagree. That's why our cold brew only uses freshly roasted beans. 

Take on the Superlost challenge and see what single origin and fresh beans taste like. 


Brewed in Brooklyn

Pilotworks Brooklyn

630 Flushing Ave #200, Brooklyn, NY 11206