Superlost Cold Brew

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How is mainstream Cold Brew Made?

The vast majority of the cold brew on the market is made using a blend (think wine sold in bags) of left over expired coffee, that is then steeped for 6-10 hours.

(Consumers will not even know what country the coffee came from, and it’s steeped for a short amount of time to reduce costs.)

How is Superlost Cold Brew Made?

We source coffee specifically for cold brew. We use a single origin coffee from Tolima, Colombia, that is freshly roasted weekly and is then steeped for 24 hours. (4X longer than our competitors). We then triple filter for a clear look and clean taste.

(The easiest way to think about our cold brew is we sell wine from a single vineyard vs our competitors who sell bagged wine from who knows where)

How to Spot Quality

The key to spotting a quality cold brew is information. Our bottle tells you where the coffee came from, does the one you normally drink do that? If not, you are drinking a blend.

(Our bottles below for example)



Tasting Notes

Cacao with sweet chocolate notes

Caffeine Content

~180 mg of caffeine. Buzz buzz.


Levi Prewitt aka @levitzo


Water | Single Origin Colombian Coffee (Tolima, Colombia). Yup! 2 Ingredients.

Roasted | Brewed

We roast and brew our coffee in Brooklyn! (taproom coming soon)

Shelf Life

3 Months (keep refrigerated)

Available Sizes

8oz | 32oz