Superlost Coffee
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To elevate the everyday coffee experience by sourcing the highest quality green coffee from single farms and highlighting them through an artist’s vision.



It starts with TRACEABILITY.

You know the name of the vineyard, origin, and grape variety when you buy a bottle of wine but most people have no idea where their coffee comes from, let alone the variety that was grown.

The less information you know about the coffee you’re drinking, the lower the quality.

We’re committed to providing as much information on where your coffee came from and the variety grown as possible.


Coffee branding is boring.

REALLY boring.

That’s because coffee has always been treated as a commodity, like corn.

Our coffee is not commodity coffee, that’s why we partner with the coolest emerging artists on Instagram.

Every bag is hand screen-printed with a limited edition piece of art. Once it’s sold out, we introduce a new artist.



Our Cold Brew

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Most companies make cold brew by buying the cheapest commodity coffee they can find, steeping it for 6-8 hours, draining it and calling it a day.

We source and buy single origin coffee specifically for our cold brew. All of our cold brew is steeped for 24 hours, and triple filtered in order to give it a crystal clear look and naturally extend its shelf life.

Take the Superlost Challenge. Blindfold yourself and take a sip of our cold brew vs. any other cold brew on the market. You WILL taste the difference.

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