Michael Zolla Stargazer Comic.jpg

Michael Zolla

Comic book artist Michael Zolla, creator of Stargazer Comic, is responsible for the bag art on the Solo Sabádo batch of Superlost. 


After a prehistoric threat consumed the universe, the last remaining cosmic god created one final world in an attempt to harbor protected life once again. Known only as Lastworld, this small planet simply floats through the dark nothingness. 

After a dark age eclipsed the planes, Lastworld is slowly losing its power. The cosmic veil that holds everything together gets weaker and weaker by the day. From outside its divine protection, the terrors that took everything away constantly stare in... waiting for the veil to be thin enough to finish what it is so close to accomplishing.

Only with the completion of the Stargazer Prophecy can Lastworld survive it's dark age. 27 years later, a champion has finally been crowned. Only he can save the last world in existence.

First issue of Stargazer will be completed by end of September 2017