Solo Sábado

Solo Sábado


Our inaugural batch, Solo Sábado, is a Colombian coffee from Caicedonia an area known for its high altitude coffee. High-grown coffee yields less fruit on the plant, but it produces a superior quality bean, translating to a cup quality matched only by a select group of coffee-producing countries. This batch of coffee boasts milk chocolate, raspberry and citrus notes.

The artwork on the first bag was designed by comic book artist, Michael Zolla. Solo Sábado means “only Saturday” in Spanish. This name is significant to this batch because in the tiny region of Colombia called Caicendonia where this coffee is grown, the tradition for the past 150 years is for the coffee farmers to roast the beans as a group, but only on Saturdays. It’s a ritual for the local coffee community and they proudly celebrate the fruits of their labor on this day.

ArtistMichael Zolla
Batch: 1
Edition Size: 100 prints

Origin: Caicedonia, Colombia
Roasted: 8/23

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